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Game Perspective
Assumptions, Visions, Actions

Reality is whatever it is. Reality just is. One of the things that we human beings do as we walk in reality, is that we are constantly interpreting—making up stories—about reality.

The most basic or "core" stories we tell about reality are our assumptions—the deep-seated decisions we have made sometime in our life about the basic way things are. For example, one basic assumption is, "There is (or, there is not) enough to go around." Or, “People are basically good (evil).” Or, “The Universe is a friendly (unfriendly) place.” Or, “I can (cannot) make a difference in changing the world.”

These basic assumptions form the core stories we tell ourselves about about reality—and these basic assumptions and core stories profoundly shape our visions for the future—what we believe is possible to create. And, our visions, in turn, profoundly shape the actions we take.

In short, everything we do or dream of doing is affected by the basic assumptions we hold, and the core stories we tell about reality.

To make things more confusing, we don’t usually articulate clearly our basic assumptions about reality. Indeed, we very often confuse those basic assumptions about reality with reality itself. This is like confusing the map with the terrain.

When we disagree with others about what future visions are possible to achieve, or about what to do next, our disagreements generally arise from differing assumptions about reality.

Our purpose here in defining the Assumptions, Visions and Actions for The Best Game on Earth is to set forth clearly the current beliefs of The Game’s founders so that everyone can see our core stories. As The Game unfolds, and the group wisdom increases, the Actions, Visions and Assumptions may well be modified.  It is our hope that this will be done through a collectively-designed process.

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